How these 11 influencers style with Jewellery

21st century has taught us how to associate success with smart and posh dressing. Looking pleasant or presentable before stepping out of the door becomes a must. I am pretty sure we, ladies are faced with a daily headache. How is it even possible that we are consistently spending or splurging on clothes but only wake up to having trouble not knowing what to wear every morning! Yet, the cycle of repeating the same set of clothes continues, even though our wardrobe is filled with clothes! Pantheon sets on a mission today to share a secret trick- how Jewellery can work wonders and change your look even if you're wearing the same mundane set of outfit! 

Let's take a look on how these 12 influencers paired Jewellery with their outfit.

1) Rachel Quek

Photo credits to @rachelkalexa
Being an Artist and Nivea girl 2016, Rachel effortlessly pulled off the causal weekend look with a plain top and Oro's Trimenti Ring (left picture), 'romantic girlfriend' look with an elegant white dress and a pair of Dream Snare Earrings (middle picture), and the girl-next-door look with a simple white spaghetti top and a pair of Cirstal Moonstone Rose Gold Earrings (right picture). 

 2) Kimberly Lam

Photo credits to @kiminpei
Kimberly has won many pageant titles with her bubbly personality. She was awarded 1st runner-up, Miss Personality and Miss Photogenic in Miss World Singapore 2014, and was the recent 2016 TNP New Face winner. Without a doubt, Kimberly can definitely wow everyone with her 'head-turner' look, paired with a body con dress and Trimenti Topaz Earrings. She even looks so glamorous when doing sports, with our versatile 3-ways wear earrings!

3) Eexuan

 Photo credits to @eexuan

No doubt Eexuan is one of the most charming influencers in Singapore. Her vibrant image and personality has definitely won many hearts over. She often goes for classic chic in her dressings and paired with well chosen accessories such as Ero's Infinity Bracelet, Tychi Horseshoe Earrings, and Ero's infinity Ring. 

4) Elaine Jasmine

Photo credits to @xelainejasmine
One of the more prominent lifestyle influencer in Singapore, Elaine has an unpretentious and personable aura. She's also a cocktail of sophistication and witty humour! Looking sweet and romantic in a little pink dress with Athena Soros Ring and paired Kardia Necklace for a posh and sophisticated outfit.

5) Sharon A Chia

Photo credits to @sharonachia
With a passion for exploring everything under the sun, Sharon is the next rising blogger to watch in Singapore's blogging scene. She is a lady filled with enthusiasm and energy. It is no wonder that her dressing are tuned towards feminine look. Sharon matches Tetramono Garnet Necklace (exclusive in-store) flowery tops for womanly outfit.

6) Elizabeth Chin

Photo credits to @lizzychin  
'A teacher affects eternity and can never tell where the influence stops' -Henry Brooks Adams. Elizabeth is a tutor at a notable tuition centre in Singapore. Undoubtedly, her passion in teaching makes her an inspiring figure to many. Who says teachers are dull and boring? With Elizabeth around, you'll be enlivened with her charm. Beautiful ladies need not wear the nicest stiletto heels or that body hugging dress to attract one's attention. Playfully matched with colours and a simple pair of Oeidis Moonstone White Gold Earrings and she can confidently class up any classroom.

7) Nadia

Photo credits to @whitechocoz  

Nadia is the epitome of a confident and successful woman. A high flyer with a captivating personality, she is always tastefully dressed with well chosen accessories. Don't be intimidated with her success, she is actually a very down to earth and fun loving lady. Leaning more towards sophisticated chic than glamorous, Nadia pairs with Trifio Cruce Topaz Bracelet to dazzle you with her cheerful nature.

8) Abbie Tok

Photo credits to @abbietok
Abbie, a young and successful entrepreneur, is the proud founder of Abbie's Coffeehouse, formerly known as Slayer Coffee. She was featured by Daniel Food Diary in 'Top 10 Good Looking Female Baristas in Singapore'. As a start-up, she plans every single bit of detail and oversees all operations by herself. All these are extremely tiring physically and emotionally, yet, she still looks lively without a trace of fatigue in her eyes. How does she do it? 'Having passion in what you do gives the extra push to it,' she says. She is also a strong believer in the energy of gemstones. She compliments her daily work with Dulce Rose Quartz Earrings, Trinity Dangly Earrings and Agapi Rose Gold Ring for a booster of energy!

9) Jiahui

Photo credits to @jiahuimuses
Jiahui is a traveller and avid photographer whose travel blog captures her extraordinary travels. When not travelling, the shutterbug will shoot anything that catches her fancy. On dress down days, she pairs Dream Snare Rose Gold Necklace, a statement piece to bring out the dressier side in her.

10) Florence Lim

Photo credits to @flo_lim  

Florence won the title of Miss Singapore 2012 and was crowned Global Beauty Queen and Tourism Queen of The Year. Her passion and enthusiasm about empowering women makes her an active member of Singapore Women Association. Each year, she returns to supervise and groom the next batch of Miss Singapore International. Her soft spot for the elderly also makes her an active volunteer of elderly homes. She laid her eyes on Chioni Moonstone Necklace (exclusively in-store) and fell in love with its intrinsic details. She paired it with her daily workwear and adds a touch of sparkle to her elegance. Truly a women of outer and inner beauty.

11) Jacelyn Phang


Photo credit to @jacelynphang
Jacelyn is an International Beauty Queen who represented Singapore in Face of Beauty International pageant 2014 and a full time corporate speaker who specialises in grooming talks. She enjoys boosting the confidence of individuals and has been invited to many corporations, banks and schools. She is also the proud founder of Le Queenz, a beauty salon in Singapore. Despite her long list of achievements, she is a humble and easy going lady whose story inspires many. On her is Zevgos Tanzanite Ring (exclusively in-store), a two piece ring set, which is versatile in different occasions- wear both for formal events or any one for a causal day out!

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